Apache with PHP

Install PHP and Apache:

scoop install php apache

Register the PHP handler with Apache:

iex (new-object net.webclient).downloadstring('https://gist.githubusercontent.com/nilkesede/c98a275b80b6d373131df82eaba96c63/raw/apache-php-init.ps1')

To start Apache on the command line, run:


Apache will continue running until you press Ctrl-C to terminate it.

If you open http://localhost in your browser, you should see a page saying that β€œIt works!”.

The document root directory

Scoop configures Apache to serve web pages from the htdocs directory inside the Scoop install directory.

You can get to this directory by running:

pushd "\$(scoop which httpd | split-path)\..\htdocs"

If you would like to serve documents from somewhere else, you need to change the DocumentRoot inside the conf/httpd.conf file. You can find httpd.conf at

"$(scoop which httpd | split-path)\..\conf\httpd.conf"

Installing Apache as a service


sudo httpd -k install -n apache
sudo net start apache

If you don't have sudo, you can install it with scoop install sudo.

To uninstall the Apache service

sudo net stop apache
sudo httpd -k uninstall -n apache

For more information, see Using Apache HTTP Server on Windows.