Command Help

Information on Scoop's commands is built-in. If you use Git you should find the help interface familiar.

To see a list of commands, run:

scoop help

To see help on a specific command, run:

scoop help <command>

The current commands are (output from scoop help):

alias          Manage scoop aliases
bucket         Manage Scoop buckets
cache          Show or clear the download cache
checkup        Check for potential problems
cleanup        Cleanup apps by removing old versions
config         Get or set configuration values
create         Create a custom app manifest
depends        List dependencies for an app
export         Exports (an importable) list of installed apps
help           Show help for a command
hold           Hold an app to disable updates
home           Opens the app homepage
info           Display information about an app
install        Install apps
list           List installed apps
prefix         Returns the path to the specified app
reset          Reset an app to resolve conflicts
search         Search available apps
status         Show status and check for new app versions
unhold         Unhold an app to enable updates
uninstall      Uninstall an app
update         Update apps, or Scoop itself
virustotal     Look for app's hash on
which          Locate a shim/executable (similar to 'which' on Linux)