Pre- and post-install Scripts


These variables are available for use in pre_install / post_install scripts:

Variable Example Description
$dir C:\Users\username\scoop\apps\$app\current
$original_dir C:\Users\username\scoop\apps\$app\1.2.3
$persist_dir C:\Users\username\scoop\persist\$app
$manifest @{homepage=; description=Example app; version=2.4.1; url=;... Deserialized manifest (PowerShell object)
$version 1.2.3 Version being installed
$app exampleapp Name of application (name of manifest file)
$architecture 64bit
$scoopdir C:\Users\username\scoop Base Scoop install dir
$oldscoopdir C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\scoop
$globaldir C:\ProgramData\scoop
$cachedir C:\Users\username\scoop\cache
$bucketsdir C:\Users\username\scoop\buckets
$modulesdir C:\Users\username\scoop\modules
$cfgpath ~/.scoop Path to Scoop configuration
$cfg {SCOOP_BRANCH, SCOOP_REPO, lastupdate} Scoop configuration (PowerShell object)


Check the lib/install script for more details.



Reference another scoop application. Eg, to check if another application is installed you can use:

"post_install": [ "if (Test-Path \"$(appdir otherapp)\\current\\otherapp.exe\") { <# .. do something .. #> }"